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This is my friend @isaacbowry and this is his story.⁠


This is my story. The story of Isaac Peter Bowry, a mixed raced British lad who grew up in the UK. A boy who wants to live in a world where his skin tone isn’t used as a weapon against him ⁠

Growing up I tried to hide myself, I made myself small, I tried to be invisible, I barely spoke a word to anyone who wasn’t my immediate family... not even my cousins, uncles or aunties but it was always just “Isaac is a shy child” and to some degree I was a shy child. ⁠

For some time I thought I grew out of this ‘shy’ behaviour in my adult life and the reality is I haven’t and it wasn’t just shy behaviour. I grew up constantly questioning who I was, where I belonged, who I could be and I realised this after hearing certain lyrics by@fkatwigs“I've never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi” from her song ‘Home with you’ it slapped me really really hard across the face. I’ve never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi. I had to become my own hero and break ‘barriers’ just because I am a mixed race boy from a council estate in Manchester… I realised a few years back my family (regardless if they are white, mixed race or black) were my hero’s while I was growing, with all the love and support which is why I have achieved what I have in my life! Ridiculous that I couldn’t see that growing up but also my hero’s where the power rangers. A team that always had different ethnicities, genders and species in some series, they all saved the day by working together and using the each others differences as an advantage to beat the bad guys.⁠

I may not have looked like anyone in the power rangers but I saw hope that our differences can help us rise together and defeat evil in the world!⁠

I now see many other hero’s in real life who look like me and I’ve had the honour to meet so many hero’s who look like me! I have many heros who look nothing like me! Everyone single one of my hero’s helping me fight a different internal battle while they all fight their own battles against racism. While WE fight against racism. We can’t have #alllivesmatter until #blacklivesmatter

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