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Booking a MUA for your Shoot

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Georgie came to us for a creative shoot and decided to bolt on a MUA to her package. Have a read below to see what happened on her session and what she thought!


I highly recommend booking a MUA on shoot with Kate... I believe it adds another layer of brilliance to the shots and allows you to feel more confident in using a variety of facial expressions.


The MUA will tailor specific, individual looks to best suit the style and vision of each shot. I initially started with a natural make up look however towards the end of my shoot the MUA built my look up making it bolder and brighter.

It was fascinating to see the transition between the three looks on camera as well as how well each look complimented and matched the style and intent of the images.

It was clearly evident on camera how well the make up highlights the facial features and adds to the overall dynamic of the images. I am convinced that having a MUA will do nothing but enhance the beauty of all final images.

- Georgie

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