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We (the clients) understand that the images and videography taken today are the artistic discretion of Kate Frost Photography (the studio). We understand that Photography/Videography will be taken by Kate Frost and/or her Promotional Videographer/Photographer Kerry Rainbird.


We understand that the media taken at the shoot will be stored on External Hard drives belonging to Kate Frost and/or Kerry Rainbird and this will not be purposefully deleted unless otherwise stated by the Client. We understand that whilst the studio will make every reasonable attempt to fulfil our requests, due to circumstances beyond the studio’s control (weather, camera malfunction, etc...) these requests may not be met. The studio’s liability in these instances is a re-shoot at the studio’s discretion.

Kate Frost Photography retains the copyrights and rights to publish these images/video footage. The clients may not sell or alter these images in any way (including extra Photoshop work, Instagram filters, removal of logo). Digital files are intended for your personal use; you are welcome to print them for yourself.

Any digital files will be sent to you either via a password protected page on my website or via a wetransfer online link. Whilst this is deemed a secure and confidential service, the client understands their content (photographs/videography/e-mail address) will be shared with a third party (wetransfer). Our clients are responsible for archiving their files. Treat these files with the same care as you would with other important documents in your life.

If you are attending an application/audition shoot, you understand that Kate will be responsible for selecting the final images to edit. Once these have been chosen and edited, these will be the final photographs that you will receive. If you wish to select the images yourself, please note on the consent form that you would like to do this instead.


Unfortunately, if you wish to re-shoot images, the service is only available at a time suitable for Kate Frost Photography and will incur an additional charge.

The Client understands that dance sessions and photography sets are potentially dangerous, and that they must communicate and gauge their skill and ability. The Client agrees not to engage in any unsafe behaviour, and to hold the studio and its employees harmless for any damage or injury that may occur.

We take our responsibility for handling your data and the information we hold about you very seriously. We will respect and keep safe any personal data that you share with us and only keep it for as long as it is needed, we will not share with a third party, sell, trade or rent users personal identification information to others.

Stored Information
The information may be stored by the Data Protection Officer, Kate Frost, either on paper, studio iPad, laptop or mobile phone.
These electronic devices are password protected and will only be accessed by authorised personnel.
Data stored will be collated from the information that you supply to us.

Data is stored and used for the following purposes
Contacting customers with information updates, latest news, responding to requests and financial accounts.

The Website is SSL secured and may use cookies to enhance user experience or gather data from site usage.

Subject Access Request (SAR) & opt out

Should you wish to access your information at any point or to opt out of receiving emails please send an email to:

Or in writing to:

The Studio 107 Bell Lane Marston Green Birmingham B33 0HX

Changes to this Policy
Kate Frost Photography has the discretion to update this policy at any point. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review and become aware of any modifications.

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