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Photography was always on the cards for me.


I visited a small art gallery with my Mother when I was a teenager. There were dance photography images mounted on a long white wall. My mother said, that's what you'll end up doing... you'll be a Dance Photographer. 


I've always danced... trained at Penelope's Dance Studio then continuing my practice at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. I started building my photography portfolio in late 2016. I visited dance companies and offered my services. Within weeks I had my diary booked with application photos, creative sessions, CV shoots & headshots!

I'm happiest when shooting or researching. My work is inspired by photographers such as Lois Greenfield, Rachel Neville and Hannah Couzens. I'm also influenced by dance companies such as Netherlands Dans Theatre, The Royal Ballet Flanders and Vincent Dance Theatre.

Remember, the best work comes through when you're about to give up... always keep striving for that little bit more.

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